• Is the TIC Business Education Series from the TIC Tradeshow?

The webinar series will take place on the days prior to the physical tradeshow. Keeping this separate would allow possible attendees the opportunity to participate in both segments of the convention without neglecting the other.

  • What is needed from webinar hosts after registration?
  1. Date and time of webinar
  2. Webinar title
  3. Flyer
  4. Company Logo (if applicable)
  5. Panellists names, email, organization, job title and photo
  • What are the features of the Zoom Platform?

Several features are available, including:

  1. Accommodation for up to 100 panellists (with audio and video) and 500 participants.
  2. Chat box for interaction between attendees and panellists (visible to all) as well as among panellists (visible to panellists only).
  3. Ability to conduct interactive polls with the attendees.
  4. A dedicated Q&A forum that facilitates easy management of the questions from attendees.
  5. Automatic recording of the session
  • Can I bring promotional material to the room?

Yes. Promotional material such as flyers and videos can be displayed prior to the webinar.

  • Will TTMA promote my webinar?

TTMA undertakes limited promotion of webinars, such as:

  1. The webinar schedule (with time and date of webinar) is available at https://ttma.com/tic/seminars.
  2. An email with the webinar schedule will be sent to the TTMA membership and TIC mailing lists
  3. Flyer will be posted on TTMA’s social media platforms – TIC Facebook page, TTMA Facebook Page, LinkedIn and Twitter

However, it is imperative that you, as the webinar host, undertake promotion of your webinar.

  • How many people typically attend webinars?

Based on the 2020 and 2021 webinar experiences, there were approximately 90 persons in attendance per webinar. With the exception of a few webinars, each webinar featured at least 50 unique viewers.

  • Will the webinar be recorded? Will I be able to obtain a copy of the webinar?

Yes, the webinar would be recorded. Additionally, you would be provided with a copy of the recording.


  • I want to attend a webinar. Can I simply enter the webinar?

Some webinars require pre-registration. As a result, please view the flyer for the webinar on ttma.com/tic/seminars for more details.

  • How do I register for a webinar?

Registration is conducted by the webinar host. As a result, please refer to the flyer for the webinar on ttma.com/tic/seminars for more details.

  • What is the cost of entering a webinar at TIC?

The cost of each webinar varies. As a result, please refer to the flyer for the webinar on ttma.com/tic/seminars for more details.

  • Does registration for a webinar means that I am registered to attend the TIC?

No. However, you can register for the TIC and for the webinar by completing the registration form online.

  • Does my attendance at a TIC webinar means that I can attend the TIC tradeshow?

The same rules that apply for TIC attendees would apply, even though you attended a TIC webinar. As a result, your attendance at the TIC tradeshow would be dependent on whether you have been registered as either an exhibitor or a buyer.

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