Trade Facilitation Seminar

A New Paradigm for Trade Facilitation:

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association hosted a seminar on July 12th 2019 entitled ‘A New Paradigm for Trade Facilitation in Trinidad and Tobago’, at the Yara Auditorium, Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business. Attendees at the seminar were but not limited to representatives from firms in both the private and public sectors; most of which included members of the TTMA. Presenters at the event were Mr. Juan Carlos Croston (President – Caribbean Shipping Association), Mr. Ashley Taylor (President, PLIPDECO and Past President, Shipping Association of T&T), Dr. André Vincent Henry (Project Lead, T&T Revenue Authority) and Dr. Balraj Kistow (Senior Lecturer – International Business and Programme Director, Arthur Lok Jack GSB). 

In attendance from the TTMA were Ms. Franka Costelloe (TTMA President) and Mr. Dale Parson (TTMA Director and Transport and Logistics Committee Chair). 

The topics discussed were:

  1. Maximizing the benefits of the Panama Canal Expansion
  2. Implementation of the TTRA and its implications for Trade Facilitation
  3. Development of a Port Community System for Enhanced Stakeholder Connectivity
  4. Addressing regional challenges to create an enabling environment for Trade Facilitation 

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