Membership Services and Benefits


Joining the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA) as a member can provide businesses with a range of benefits. While specific offerings may vary, common advantages of becoming a member of TTMA typically include:

1.    Networking Opportunities:

  • ·         Access to a diverse network of industry professionals, fellow manufacturers, and business leaders, facilitating potential collaborations, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing.

2.    Advocacy and Representation:

  • ·         Representation of member interests at local, regional, and national levels, with TTMA actively advocating for policies that support the growth and sustainability of the manufacturing sector.

3.    Business Development and Support:

  • ·         Assistance in business development through various programs, initiatives, and resources designed to enhance competitiveness, improve operations, and explore new market opportunities.

4.    Access to Information and Research:

  • ·         Regular updates on industry trends, market intelligence, and relevant research, helping members stay informed and make strategic decisions for their businesses.

5.    Training and Capacity Building:

  • ·         Opportunities for skill development, training workshops, and seminars to enhance the capabilities of members' workforce, fostering continuous improvement and innovation.

6.    Government Relations:

  • ·         Liaison with government agencies on behalf of members, helping to address regulatory issues, participate in policy discussions, and contribute to the development of a conducive business environment.

7.    Industry Recognition:

  • ·         Recognition and visibility within the industry through participation in TTMA events, awards, and promotional activities, contributing to the credibility and reputation of member businesses.

8.    Cost Savings:

  • ·         Access to exclusive member discounts, group purchasing arrangements, and cost-saving initiatives that can contribute to the overall financial well-being of member businesses.

9.    Information Sharing and Best Practices:

  • ·         Platforms for members to share experiences, best practices, and insights, creating a collaborative environment where businesses can learn from each other's successes and challenges.

10. Representation in Trade Missions and Exhibitions:

  • ·         Opportunities to participate in trade missions, exhibitions, and international business forums, facilitating exposure to new markets and potential customers.

11. Industry Events and Forums:

  • ·         Invitations to attend industry-specific events, conferences, and forums organized by TTMA, offering valuable networking opportunities and a platform to stay updated on industry developments.

12. Access to TTMA Services:

  • ·         Utilization of TTMA's specialized services, including research facilities, training programs, and any other resources developed to support the needs of its members.

It's important for businesses considering membership to explore the specific offerings and services provided by TTMA, as well as to stay actively engaged in the association to maximize the benefits of membership.



  • Acting as a representative of the manufacturing sector in dealing with Local and Foreign Governments and in the monitoring of legislation affecting manufacturers;
  • Assists with the generation of market expansion both regionally and internationally through the mounting of local, regional and international trade fairs, exhibitions and foreign trade missions;
  • Providing members with information on all local, regional and international trade related matters of relevance;
  • Representing members at the various domestic, regional, hemispheric and international trade negotiation meetings and delegations;
  • Negotiating for and on behalf of TTMA members with Government, and other relevant stake-holders;
  • Acting as the liaison between the membership and the Government, specifically the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Investment;
  • Offering education and assistance for local manufacturers in the efficient use of modern methods of manufacture and in the development of exports;
  • Encouraging members to maintain and adhere to required standards and grades of quality in all manufactured goods and services;
  • Offering assistance in securing markets for both raw materials and finished products;
  • Sourcing and distributing statistical information and relevant data on trade and industry, imports and exports, manufacturing processes and finance;
  • Educating members on all forms of financial assistance available to manufacturers and also on the procedures through which this assistance may be obtained;
  • Promoting joint ventures between members and foreign enterprises;
  • Representing on the following task forces, boards and committees for the purpose of consultation and participative dialogue; Standing Committee on Business Development, Food & Beverage Industry Development Committee, CARICOM Trade Support Programme, Mercantile Committee, Port Users Meetings, Technical Advisory Team, National Export Strategy for T & T, The Standing Tripartite Committee on Labour Matters, Manufacturing Advisory Council, National Health Insurance Scheme, Industry Fund, National Health and Food Safety Committee, TVETT Task Force, T & T Fair Trading Commission, Price Advisory Committee, National Productivity Committee, Construction Sector Oversight Committee, National Technical Committee for the Revision of Standards, Technical Negotiating Group, Technical Working Group, Technical Coordinating Committee.


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