Migrant Labour Seminar

Labour Migration Opportunities and Challenges for Trinidad and Tobago:

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association in collaboration with the Employers Consultative Association effectively coordinated a sensitization session on August 21st 2019 titled ‘Labour Migration Opportunities and Challenges for Trinidad and Tobago’ at the Yara Auditorium, Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business.

 The seminar was attended by mainly HR Professionals from companies in the manufacturing and related sectors. Presenters at the event were Mrs. Hazel Spooner-Williams (Assistant Chief Immigration Officer - Ministry of National Security), Mr. Farzan Ali (Director, Talent and Government Affairs – Trinidad Tissues Limited), Mr. Anthony Narine (Senior Advisor – Talent Development), Dr. Richard Ramsawak (Deputy Director Center of Strategy & Competitiveness – Arthur Lok Jack GSB) and Ms. Stephanie Fingal (Interim CEO, ECA).

Attendees from the TTMA were Ms. Franka Costelloe (TTMA President), Dr. Ramesh Ramdeen (TTMA CEO) and Ms. Tricia Coosal (TTMA Director and Advocacy Committee Chair).

 The topics of discussion were:

  1. Overview of the Existing Legislative Framework
  2. Understanding and Applying Labour Laws to Migrant Labour
  3. The Benefits of Hiring Migrant Labour
  4. How to Manage Employment Relationship – The IR Perspective
  5. Work Permit Guidelines for Employers

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