Labour Productivity Seminar

Maximizing Labour Productivity:

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association successfully coordinated a seminar on March 20th 2019 entitled, ‘Maximizing Labour Productivity’, held at the Yara Auditorium, Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business. The seminar was well attended by representatives from companies in the public and private sectors; most of the audience was comprised of manufacturers from the TTMA’s membership. Presenters at the event were Ms. Teresa White (HR Director, Ansa Mcal), Dr. Roger Hosein (Economist and Lecturer, UWI), Mr. Richard Lewis (Executive Director, Label House Group), Ms. Wynette Harewood (ALJ GSB Consultant) and Ms. Stephanie Fingal (Interim CEO, ECA).

In attendance from the TTMA were Mr. Christopher Alcazar (TTMA President), Dr. Ramesh Ramdeen (TTMA CEO), Ms. Tricia Coosal (TTMA Director and Advocacy Committee Chair), Mr. Ryan Lewis (TTMA Director), and Past Directors. 

Topics discussed were:

  1. Aspects of the labour market situation in the manufacturing sector
  2. Driving employee productivity via innovative strategic best practices
  3. Revisiting the inputs to productivity
  4. Envisaging productive empowered and fulfilled employees

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