Policy and Legislation

The Trinidad & Tobago Manufacturers’ Association, via the TTMA-Advocacy Committee, continually monitors and evaluates legislation that will affect its membership explicitly, proposes policies that are specific to the growth of the manufacturing sector, and seeks to ensure a faster response time from state agencies of its members’ needs.

This approach is to ensure that strategies are developed in partnership with Government and State Agencies to guarantee a more enabling environment toward increased global competitiveness of local businesses thereby creating the sustainable development of the local economy.

The process involves gaining proper feedback via TTMA’s Membership Intelligence and Support Services, which comprises the Member Liaison Programme and the Member Information Centre, to give current and relevant information to formulate positions to take to the Government in the interest of the Manufacturing Sector. For example, the latest membership-wide survey on Business Development Challenges placed Labour, Availability of US Currency, and Government Bureaucracy & Regulatory Issues as major issues affecting manufacturers.

The TTMA Secretariat also reviews the Parliamentary Order Paper on a regular basis to glean which pieces of legislation or policy may be matters of potential interest, concern or may have an impact on business development of the TTMA membership, which is monitored frequently.

Pieces of Legislation and Policies include:

  1. Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Property Bill – being read in the Parliament but may take another year to be finalized
  2. Beverage Container Bill – being amended at the Legislative Review Committee (TTMA submitted recommendations to amend the Bill)
  3. Fair Trading Act – 3 sections of this Act have been proclaimed for the establishment of the Commission
  4. Budgetary Policies such as the Amendment of VAT Legislation to ensure more efficient VAT refund system

The TTMA Secretariat continuously engages the relevant ministries and governmental agencies in an effort to solving all issues related to regulation, legislation, and policy. TTMA aims to provide intelligence that keeps our members informed on business trends and policy developments. Some of the mechanisms for information dissemination include seminars, workshops, and the TTMA's quarterly publication The Manufacturer.

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