TTMA Membership Services Committee

The TTMA-Membership Services Committee (MSC) monitors and evaluates all initiatives developed and actions taken by the Business Development Unit (BDU) of the Secretariat. It is given oversight by Directors of the TTMA and administered by the BDU team.

The MSC designs programmes that are member-centric and member-driven to create value for the membership and improve the quality of service that members receive from the TTMA. This Committee understands the increasing importance of building long-term relationships with its members in the interest of the Association’s sustainable representation of the Manufacturing Sector. Some of the major current issues that fall directly under the MSC’s purview are as follows:

  • Labour & Training Development
  • Business Expansion and Sophistication
  • Financial Issues such as access to foreign exchange, outstanding VAT refunds and access to funding
  • Cost of raw materials and overall business production costs

The MSC issues its communication to the membership via the TTMA's Customer Relationship Management tool - MemberZone. This is a Customer Relationship Management system designed to assist the BDU and the wider Secretariat in managing its interactions with its members.

It involves the use of technology to streamline communications between TTMA Membership and the Secretariat so that TTMA provides “the Right Service to the Right Person.” It includes a Member Information Centre (MIC), which is a virtual connection to the TTMA. This connection allows member companies access to privileged information presented in a variety of user friendly ways. Members can advertise discounts to other members, advertise employment vacancies, and view upcoming TTMA events.

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