Advocacy Committee

The TTMA-Advocacy Committee monitors and evaluates specific legislation pieces and policy that may affect its Membership directly. This Committee is also proactive to the needs of the membership by gaining proper feedback via TTMA’s Member Liaison Programme, which gives the Committee current and relevant information to formulate positions to take to the Government in the interest of the Manufacturing Sector.

Such activities ensure the development of legislation and policy that are exceptionally beneficial to the Manufacturing Sector’s growth through partnership with Government and State Agencies to guarantee a more enabling environment toward the sustainable development of the local economy.

In general, the Committee’s mandate is to:

  • Plan and recommend solutions (via both legislation and policy) to pertinent issues that affect the Manufacturing Sector (e.g. general fiscal and or monetary policies)
  • Monitor the Parliamentary media for upcoming draft papers, bills and policies that may have a direct impact on the Manufacturing Sector and provide input as necessary
  • Evaluate the implementation of government policy and legislation to ensure that the intended benefits are enjoyed by the TTMA Membership and by extension the Manufacturing Sector
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