Illicit Trade Education Series

TTPS’ Training – Overview of Illicit Trade

The Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA) successfully coordinated a webinar on June 4th 2020 in collaboration with the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and Crime Stoppers Trinidad & Tobago on the topic of illicit trade. The session was well attended by over 120 police officers throughout the country. The agenda included details about the overall trade, its link to organized crime and human trafficking, money laundering and the economic impact associated with tax evasion, as well as non-compliance and penalties and fines associated with this trade.  This webinar was a Launchpad of a series of initiatives to combat the issue.

The police officers were eager to gain a better understanding of the issue and the initiatives discussed to assist and support in the fight against illicit trade overall. Opening remarks were delivered by both the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Mr. Jayson Forde and TTMA’s President, Ms. Franka Costelloe.  Key presenters at the webinar included Mr. Darrin Carmichael of Crime Stoppers Trinidad & Tobago and from the tobacco industry, Ms. Josiane Khan, Mr. Gervon Abraham and Ms. Rowan Brathwaite.

Customs and Excise Divisions’ Training – Illicit Trade in the Tobacco and Alcohol Industry

On July 23rd 2020 in collaboration with the Customs and Excise Division of Trinidad and Tobago, the TTMA successfully coordinated a training session on the topic of illicit trade in the tobacco and alcohol industries. The training session was attended by customs officers. On the agenda was an overview of the process to clear containers on the port, counterfeiting, and a synopsis of illicit trade in the aforementioned sectors. This webinar was a continuation of a Launchpad of activities to address the issue.

The customs officers were enlightened to obtain knowledge on the matter and brainstorm ways in which they can support the fight against it. Opening remarks were delivered by Mr. Christian George – Team Lead of TTMA’s Ease of Doing Business Unit and presentations were delivered by Ms. Devala Gosine of the Customs and Excise Division, Ms. Fanta Punch of M. Hamel-Smith & Co., Ms. Josiane Khan and Ms. Rowan Brathwaite from the tobacco industry and Mr. Nicholas Hospedales of A.S. Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Ltd.


CBLA Crime Stoppers and the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council in Support of Trinidad and Tobago’s Authorities Fight Against Illicit Trade

On Monday 29th March 2021, TTMA participated in a training session in collaboration with the Caribbean Bermuda Latin America Crime Stoppers and the Caribbean Law Enforcement Council to provide training to our local Customs and Excise Division to better equip them with knowledge on fighting against illicit trade in the region. The presenters covered the following topics:

  1. Opening Remarks – Alex MacDonald, Chairman, CBLA Crime Stoppers and Albert Sandy, Permanent Secretary, Caribbean Customs and Law Enforcement Council
  2. Contraband as a national security issue – Congressman Robert Pittenger, President of Parliamentary Security – Intelligence Forum, EEUU
  3. Illicit Trade on a National Level – Christian George, Senior Trade Advisor, Trinidad &Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA)
  4. Illicit Trade in Furniture – Anthony Farah, Deputy Director, MDC-UM
  5. Contraband in Cigarettes – Josiane Khan, Anti-Illicit Trade Manager, TT and Caribbean
  6. Trade Based Money Laundering – Marissa Allum, Certified Money Laundering Specialist, Skylist Ltd
  7. CBLA Crime Stoppers Reporting Platform – Prudence Gentles, Anti-Illicit Trade Project Coordinator – Caribbean, CBLA Crime Stoppers
  8. The Next Steps – Alejo Campos, COO, CBLA Crime Stoppers

To view this training session, click here.


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