Monday 14th December, 2020


Man charged with Ashanti's murder

On the very day Ashanti Riley will be laid to rest, a San Juan man is expected to face the court charged with her murder Monday. Guardian Media confirmed homicide officers charged Luciano Quash, 32, yesterday, after almost two weeks of investigations following the 18-year old’s death and disappearance.

Quash, a PH driver, had been in police custody for almost two weeks. Riley went missing on November 29 after she took a PH taxi on Sunshine Street, San Juan, around the corner from her family home. Read more here…

19 Venezuelans die at sea on way to Trinidad: Journey of death

Venezuelan authorities recovered eight more bodies, including an 11-month-old baby at sea off Guira on Sunday – a day after they recovered 11 bodies near the same area.

The victims, Venezuelan media reported, were heading to Trinidad. It is believed that the boat capsized some days ago, causing them to drown. Read more here…


Dr Fuad Khan: PH taxi regulation 10 years overdue

FORMER health minister and opposition MP Dr Fuad Khan says government should “rush to the Parliament to make the regulation of PH taxis law,” in the same manner it did with the mandatory mask-wearing legislation. He said this regulation is at least ten years overdue.

In a Facebook video on Friday, Khan was discussing the murder of 18-year-old Ashanti Riley. Read more here…



Near-death survivor cops Angostura Champions award

TWO years ago, Elizabeth Aleong was unable to walk or talk after suffering a bilateral stroke. After several months of intense therapy, she was able to walk onto the stage of Angostura Holdings Ltd on Saturday night to claim the title Angostura Champion 2020 for her work with special needs children.

She received a trophy and $50,000 which will be channelled into her organisation. Read more here…

FlowTT country manager on outage: Time to switch internet connectivity

On the evening of December 11, FlowTT country manager Kurleigh Prescod and two communications professionals sat for an exclusive virtual interview with technology journalist Mark Lyndersay to explain what happened to Flow’s Internet connection on the morning of December 7.

On December 1, the internet alarms were ringing in Flow’s offices. Monitoring systems in Miami and Latin America were registering an interruption in service between Curacao and Guadeloupe. Read more here…



British Airways Returns To MoBay

British Airways has ended its 11-year drought with Montego Bay, bringing hope to the struggling tourism sector by introducing two weekly flights for the winter tourist season.

The flights herald the recovery of the tourism industry and a resurgence of the United Kingdom market, said Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett.

The airline’s return to Sangster International Airport was met with fanfare and jubilation by officials from the British High Commission, the Jamaica Tourist Board, and JAMVAC four days ahead of the start of winter, which commences officially on Wednesday, Read more here…



Brexit: Negotiators to enter 'extra mile' Brexit talks

It comes after the two sides agreed that negotiations should continue beyond a self-imposed Sunday deadline. PM Boris Johnson has warned the sides remain "very far apart" in key areas, but "where there's life there's hope".

Time is fast running out to finalise an agreement before the UK's Brexit transition ends in just over two weeks. Read more here…

Electoral College set to seal Trump's fate -- yet again

A constitutional ritual that is normally a little-noticed curiosity will Monday turn into a symbol of the US political system's durability while under assault from a defeated President seeking to overturn a democratic election.

Electors from 50 states and the District of Columbia will gather across the country to cast their ballots, which will confirm Joe Biden as the rightful 46th president and California Sen. Kamala Harris as vice president. Read more here…

14th December 2020


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