Daily Brief - Wednesday 2nd June, 2021


McDonald's donates to NGOs

As restaurants have been ordered to close, McDonald's has donated its stock to non-governmental organisations (NGOs). Arcos Dorados, which runs McDonald’s in Trinidad and Tobago, has partnered with the NGOs Is There Not A Cause (ITNAC) and the Syrian-Lebanese Women’s Association (SLWA) to provide food ingredients and hand sanitiser to help families affected by the pandemic. Read more here

Another cop dies from COVID-19

The T&T Police Service (TTPS) lost another officer to COVID-19 on Monday. Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith told Guardian Media this was the sixth police officer who died from the virus. In a statement yesterday, the Police Commissioner and the Executive of the TTPS extended condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Sgt Gary Harvey who died at 6.30 am on May 31, while undergoing treatment at the Augustus Long Hospital, Pointe-à-Pierre. Read more here



Mickela Panday: Show care for healthcare workers

Patriotic Front political leader Mickela Panday is appealing to citizens to be compassionate and considerate towards frontline healthcare workers, especially during this period of increased restrictions on public movement to curb the spread of covid19. In a video clip sent to Newsday, Panday said, "The country right now is in an unprecedented situation. In our generation, we have never faced anything like this." Read more here

Hinds assures safety of borders as Indian variant found in Venezuela

With the Indian variant of the COVID-19 virus now detected in neighbouring Venezuela, the Government has assured that plans and operations to improve border security have been ongoing and are well underway. National Security Minister Fitzgerald Hinds gave the assurance Monday night when asked about border security. It came after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro on Monday confirmed the arrival of the Indian variant in Venezuela according to AlbertoNews. The cases entered through the southwest state of Apure near the border with Colombia. Five women who returned to Venezuela from studies in Colombia tested positive for the Indian variant. Read more here



SM Jaleel launches oxygen water

SM JALEEL and Company, one of the oldest and largest indigenous manufacturers of non-alcoholic drinks in the English-speaking Caribbean, has become the sole regional distributor of Kure Oxygen Water, a product that aims to increase the consumer’s oxygen intake. Made in England by a company called Kure Limited, Kure Oxygen Water is sold in several countries, now including Trinidad & Tobago. Read more here



Teen undergoes country’s first paediatric brain aneurysm surgery

Thirteen-year-old Ty David is expected to make a full recovery after successfully undergoing the first-ever brain aneurysm surgery to be performed on a paediatric patient in Guyana.The country’s lone neurosurgeon, Dr. Amarnauth Dukhi performed the ground-breaking operation on the St. Rose’s High School student on Monday at the Woodlands Hospital. The teen is expected to be discharged from hospital today. Read more here



American democracy is about to show if it can save itself

American democracy -- under a relentless, multi-front assault from pro-Donald Trump Republicans -- is about to show whether it is strong enough to save itself. Such a premise would have been considered absurd through much of history. But since Trump left office after destroying the tradition of peaceful transfers of power in a failed attempt to steal the 2020 election, it has become clear that his insurrectionism was only the first battle in a longer political war as his allies tout ridiculous fantasies about returning him to power to applause and online acclaim. Read more here

Fears of environmental disaster as oil-laden ship sinks off Sri Lanka

A chemical-laden cargo ship is sinking off the coast of Sri Lanka, sparking fears of an environmental disaster. The Singapore-registered X-Press Pearl had been on fire for almost two weeks before the blaze was put out this week. Hundreds of tonnes of oil from fuel tanks could leak into the sea if it sinks, devastating nearby marine life. The Sri Lankan and Indian navies had worked jointly over the past days in an attempt to put out the fire and prevent the ship from breaking up and sinking. But rough seas and monsoonal winds hampered the operation, just outside the port of Colombo. Read more here

2nd June 2021


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