Daily Brief - Tuesday 28th July, 2020


CoP: 'July 1990 will not happen again on my watch'

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said another incident like the July 1990 attempted coup by the Jamaat al Muslimeen will not happen under his watch. He was speaking on Monday at the police media briefing. He said Monday marked the anniversary of possibly the darkest day in the nation's history. "Thirty years ago, certain elements decided to destroy our democracy." Read more here

Judge blocks details of case being posted on Facebook

A High Court Judge has granted an injunction blocking some members of a family, who are locked in a property battle with their relatives, from revealing details of the case on social media. Justice Devindra Rampersad issued the injunction on Saturday night after the family members sought an emergency hearing when they noticed a post on Facebook group "Know Your Rights T&T", which revealed intimate details of the case and attributed comments to Rampersad. Under the injunction, the claimants in the case were restrained from contacting the administrators of the page to make further posts. Rampersad also directed that his order be posted in the comments section of the offensive post. Read more here



PM announces 4 new covid19 cases

The Prime Minister on Monday revealed four additional covid19 cases. Three, he said, were imported while one was pending epidemiological investigations. Read more here

AG: UNC can't remonetise old paper notes

“Run dem out of taking T&T backward!” That was the roar for the August 20 General Election from People's National Movement San Fernando West candidate Faris Al-Rawi at last night’s San Fernando West  “meetup”.Al-Rawi warned voters against voting for a party who had a cabal “you ent see yet and who will be there to prop Kamla – there can be no greater tragedy to the economy.” He said $8 billion in $100 notes were in circulation when the Central Bank started the process to change over the paper notes to the new polymer notes but only $7.5 billion was turned in and $500 million was missing. Read more here



Moruga to get $62 million fishing facility

Residents of Moruga and environs are finally getting a modern, state-of-the-art fishing facility. Read more here



Former permanent secretary calls for sanctions on public officials who mislead parliamentary committees

Jamaican laws should be upgraded to provide tough sanctions for public officials who mislead or lie to parliamentary committees, Dean-Roy Bernard, the former permanent secretary in the education ministry, has said. He said that penalties should be applied similarly to what currently obtains with congressional committees in the United States. In a submission to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) which The Gleaner has seen, the former permanent secretary charged that some public officers who showed up have deliberately concealed information and have misled the committee. Read more here

GuySuCo achieves 79.6% of first-crop target

The Guyana Sugar Corporation (GuySuCo), despite its dire constraints and the existing economic conditions, has managed to produce 37,015 tonnes of sugar during the ‘first crop’ period for this year. Its ‘first crop’ production was equivalent to 79.6 per cent of its target, which was 46,476 tonnes of sugar. GuySuCo, in a press statement, said the crop was closed with 1,093 hectares- 762 hectares at Albion/Port Mourant Estate and 331 hectares at Blairmont Estate- of “carried over” canes to be harvested. This translates to 66,000 tonnes of cane that will be carried over to the second crop of 2020. The actual sugar cane processed for the first crop was 492,910, as against the budgeted 539,460. The budgeted molasses was 19,624 while the actual production was 21,194; a surplus of 1,569. Read more here



Even countries that got coronavirus under control are now struggling. That's deeply concerning for the rest of the world

The coronavirus is "easily the most severe" public health emergency the World Health Organization (WHO) has ever faced, its director-general said Monday, as countries that previously appeared to have the pandemic under control recorded an uptick in cases. Across the Asia-Pacific region, where countries were among the first hit by the virus and the first to contain it, there have been new and in some cases seemingly unexplained increases in the number of infections. Governments that had previously been lauded for their response to the pandemic now seem to be struggling. Read more here

Coronavirus: German officials 'very concerned' by rising cases

The head of Germany's public health agency has said he is "very concerned" by rising infections in the country. "We are in the middle of a rapidly developing pandemic," Lothar Wieler, head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), told reporters. Mr Wieler said Germans had become "negligent" and urged people to wear masks and respect social distancing and hygiene rules. In the past week the country has recorded 3,611 new infections. Read more here

28th July 2020


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