Daily Brief - Thursday 27th June, 2019


Young people TT’s greatest asset

“Positive change to eradicate negative actions” chanted Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) graduates along with Parliamentary Secretary in the Ministry of National Security Glenda Jennings-Smith at the CCC's graduation ceremony at the Tonia Hall, Centre of Excellence, Macoya yesterday. The CCC aims to empower socially marginalised youth between the ages of 16-25 by providing them with skills in various sectors. The 1901st cycle comprised of 773 graduates, who engaged in six months of training in their chosen fields and received their certificates of graduation at the event. Read more here

Burglars steal critical medicine from hospital

Hun­dreds of thou­sands of dol­lars worth of crit­i­cal med­ica­tion for pa­tients, in­clud­ing those with ter­mi­nal ill­ness­es such as can­cer, have been stolen from the phar­ma­cy at the St James Med­ical Com­plex (SJMC). In an im­me­di­ate re­sponse to this “tragedy” that struck the health in­sti­tu­tion, act­ing chief ex­ec­u­tive of­fi­cer at the North West Re­gion­al Health (NWRHA), Ter­ron Gilchrist con­demned the act and ques­tioned, “Why would some­one want to take God out of their thoughts and steal med­i­cine for the sur­vival of sick peo­ple?” Read more here



Minister: Mansions going up on agricultural lands

Mansions are going up on agricultural land in Rio Claro and this must be dealt with, Agriculture Minister Clarence Rambharat said when he distributed lease letters to farmers yesterday at his office in Chaguanas. “This should not be. I do not like to see this, but the point is I cannot remove squatters.” The Commissioner of State Lands is the only person who has power over illegal squatting, he said, "And I intend to go to Parliament via the Cabinet and ask for approval to make changes to the state land legislation so other people will have the authority to deal with squatting." Read more here

Roodal ready to apologise, but will consult lawyers first

While UNC MP Roodal Mooni­lal has in­di­cat­ed will­ing­ness to apol­o­gise for al­leged “threat­en­ing” words to­wards PNM MP Fitzger­ald Hinds, he says he has to con­sult his lawyers since he still has a case in court re­gard­ing the Par­lia­ment’s Priv­i­leges Com­mit­tee han­dling of the mat­ter. Mooni­lal in­di­cat­ed thi­son Wednes­day to Guardian Me­dia af­ter a ma­jor­i­ty Gov­ern­ment vote in Par­lia­ment adopt­ed a mo­tion call­ing on him to apol­o­gise to Par­lia­ment and Hinds at the next sit­ting of Par­lia­ment. Read more here



Mission to market TT’s fine-flavour

The production of fine-flavour cocoa is on the rise as farmers and farm owners are making use of training programmes, disease control campaigns, bulk transport from remote areas, and other facilities and services made available through the Cocoa Development Company of TT (CDCTT). Recent data from CDCTT indicates that as of May 30, some 308 metric tonnes of fine-flavour cocoa has been produced in TT – well on course to cross last year’s total of 418 metric tonnes. In cocoa lingo, fine refers to the genetic make-up of the cocoa and flavour, the quality. Trinidad is unique among global cocoa producers in that 100 per cent of the country’s cocoa is classified as fine because of exclusive use of the Trinitario species of cocoa in commercial production. On average, an estate with 500 to 600 trees, typical of a local farmer, can in six months produce 400 kilogrammes of dry beans. Read more here

Rowley: Govt to value every parcel of land

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said yesterday the State has embarked upon the valuation of every parcel of land in Trinidad and Tobago, and that he “looks forward to the date when the programme is completed”. Read more here



No Police State - Lawmakers Urge Caution In Review Of Anti-Gang Legislation

A proposal that Jamaican immigration authorities should be compelled to alert the police when convicted gangsters are about to leave the island has not found favour with lawmakers who are reviewing the so-called anti-gang legislation. Similarly, members of a joint select committee of Parliament have shot down another suggestion to allow the police to obtain a court order declaring an entity a criminal organisation and giving investigators the go-ahead to monitor its activities. Not only are the proposals fraught with danger, according to Attorney General Marlene Malahoo Forte and opposition Senator K.D. Knight, but similar provisions are already included in existing legislation. Read more here



European heatwave sets new June temperature records

A heatwave affecting much of Europe is expected to intensify further with countries - including France, Spain and Switzerland - expecting temperatures above 40C (104F) later on Thursday. On Wednesday Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic recorded their highest-ever temperatures for June. Meteorologists say hot air drawn in from northern Africa is responsible. The heat is expected to rise further in many countries over the next three days, meteorologists warn. Read more here

Angela Merkel seen shaking for second time in weeks

Angela Merkel has been seen shaking in public for the second time in less than two weeks, raising further concern for the wellbeing of the German chancellor. Merkel, 64, appeared to clutch her arms together to keep herself still as she attended an event with German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier on Thursday. The incident, at a farewell ceremony for Justice Minister Katarina Barley, was captured on a live feed by the Reuters news agency. Read more here

27th June 2019


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