Daily Brief - Monday 9th May, 2022


Trade Minister encourages manufacturers to enter China's market

Trade and Industry Minister Paula Gopee-Scoon is urging manufacturers to get involved and invest in the Chinese markets. In a media release on Friday, the ministry said Gopee-Scoon while on company tours with the Chinese Ambassador Fang Qiu and TT Manufacturers Association president Tricia Coosal, assured that the Government, through the ministry and exporTT, was ready to assist in penetrating Asia’s largest economy. Read more here



357 new covid cases, 5 deaths

There were 357 new covid19 cases and five deaths according to the Ministry of Health’s 4 pm update on Sunday. The total number of active positive cases stood at 9,007 at that time. The update said the number of cases reported reflect samples taken during May 5-7 and not the last 24 hours.The additional five covid-related deaths were two elderly males, two middle-aged males and one middle-aged female all with co-morbidities. This brings the total deaths in TT to date to 3,852. Read more here

No end in sight for Ukraine war as Putin hails Victory Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin used a major patriotic holiday Monday to again justify his war in Ukraine but did not declare even a limited victory or signal where the conflict was headed, as his forces continued to pummel targets across the country with few signs of significant progress. The Russian leader oversaw a Victory Day parade on Red Square, with troops marching in formation, military hardware on display, and a brass band blaring to mark the Soviet Union’s defeat of Nazi Germany. But his much-anticipated speech offered no new insights to how he intended to salvage the grinding war — and instead stuck to allegations that Ukraine posed a threat to Russia, even though Moscow’s nuclear-armed forces are far superior in numbers and firepower. Read more here



Nakhid: Enforce laws to protect nation's children

This country's children do not need new laws, they need political will to enforce existing laws to protect their rights while they are at state-owned or state-funded homes. This was the view of Opposition Senator David Nakhid during the UNC's weekly Sunday press conference at the Office of the Opposition Leader on Charles Street in Port of Spain. Read more here



Do not hike wages to match inflation

As inflation rates climb throughout the Caribbean, Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados, Cleviston Haynes is cautious about wage adjustments to match it. “A wage adjustment to match inflation is really not the first best option for us,” Haynes said at an inflation discussion hosted by the Central Bank of Barbados on Thursday night. Haynes said that once wages increase, there will be increased prices across the board. Read more here



Guyana is in ‘Golden era’

Hailing what has been taking place in Guyana recently as the “Golden era”, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs and Governance Gail Teixeira said she firmly believes “that this is our time since as a people we have worked hard. We have had our differences as a people but this is our time.” Delivering remarks at a meet and greet last Friday night at the Guyana Consulate in Toronto, the minister pointed out that almost two years after becoming President, Dr Irfaan Ali has shown no sign of slowing down in his effort to build a better Guyana, even though the country has been affected by floods, the pandemic and other challenges. Read more here



Ben Wallace: Russia 'mirroring' WW2 fascism in Ukraine invasion

Russia is "mirroring the fascism and tyranny of 70 years ago" in its invasion of Ukraine, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace has said. Speaking as Russia staged a military parade marking its defeat of Nazi Germany in World War Two, he accused Russian generals of hijacking their "forebears' proud history". Mr Wallace said the generals must face war crimes trials. The defence secretary said there "can be no victory day, only dishonour". He accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of "ripping up both Russia's past and its future". Mr Putin has been attending Russia's annual 9 May Victory Day parade in Moscow as he attempts to rally public support for the war in Ukraine. Read more here


9th May 2022


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