Daily Brief - Monday 21st March, 2022


Differing views on whether gender-based violence increased during pandemic

The three pillars of victim centred engagement with survivors of gender-based violence are respect, empathy, and maintaining the dignity of the person. Human rights educator Adeola Young made the statement during a police sensitisation session on gender-based violence (GBV) facilitated by the Caribbean Vulnerable Communities Coalition, at the Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Belmont, on Friday. Read more here

Mother, father take lives in presence of child

Grief and horror have gripped two families and a Princes Town community has been left in shock after a couple hanged themselves in the presence of their nine-year-old daughter on Saturday. Unable to come to terms with the tragedy, the relatives of Steve Jugmohan, 40, said they had no indication that Jugmohan and his common-law-wife Sharlene Ramkissoon, 38, were under that degree of distress. They believe that the couple may have been experiencing financial woes. Jugmohan and Ramkissoon recorded a video in front of their daughter in which they spoke about what they were going to do and asked their relatives to take care of their children. Read more here



UNC demands criminal probe, dismissal of Young, Paria board

The Opposition UNC is demanding a criminal investigation into the February 25 incident at Paria Fuel Trading Ltd's, Pointe-a-Pierre compound, in which four divers died. The UNC also called for the dismissal of Energy Minister Stuart Young and Paria's board of directors. Kazim Ali Jr, Fyzal Kurban, Yusuf Henry, Rishi Nagassar and Christopher Boodram were doing maintenance work on a 30-inch pipeline at Berth 6, belonging to Paria , when the incident happened. Ali Jr, Kurban, Henry and Nagassar were sucked into the pipeline and died. Only Boodram survived. Read more here

Opposition: President can’t remain silent on PolSC matter

The President cannot be allowed to remain silent on what transpired at her office between the Prime Minister and the former head of the Police Service Commission that led to the withdrawal of a Merit List that was already submitted. The United National Congress (UNC) is calling for the President to break her silence on this matter and is reiterating its call for the Prime Minister to explain his meeting with former Police Service Commission chair Bliss Seepersad. The Opposition has now added to its previous calls and is now demanding that former Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi resigns from his new post. Read more here



Let’s wait and see impact on Govt revenue

Energy Minister Stuart Young said yesterday that higher global ammonia prices should result in more revenue for the Government in the current fiscal year. Young was reacting to recent news that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has contributed to higher prices for all kinds of fertilisers, including those that are based on ammonia. T&T has ten operational ammonia plants, including two ammonia complexes on the Point Lisas Industrial Estate, with a total annual nameplate capacity of about five million metric tonnes. Most of the ammonia produced at the Point Lisas Industrial Estate is exported. Read more here



Guyana, Suriname business cooperation on track with formation of 10-member council

Guyana’s Private Sector Commission (PSC) and the Suriname Trade and Industry Association (VSB) recently hosted its first meeting to iron out the management of a 10-member council. The formation of the business council is part of the vision of President Dr Irfaan Ali and President of Suriname, Chandrikapersad Santokhi, for strengthened bilateral relations and business cooperation between the two countries. According to a press release from the PSC, the council which was formulated in early 2022, will be solely dedicated to the strengthening of economic ties and initiatives regarding shared interests and the creation of the envisioned single market and economy. Read more here



Ukraine conflict: Russia trying to starve Mariupol into surrender – MP

A Ukrainian MP has accused Russia of trying to starve the besieged port city of Mariupol into surrendering. Dmytro Gurin was speaking soon after Ukraine rejected a Russian deadline demanding Mariupol's defenders lay down their arms in exchange for safe passage out of the city. Mariupol is a key strategic target for the Russian military. Around 300,000 people are believed to be trapped there with supplies running out and aid blocked from entering. Residents have endured weeks of Russian bombardment with no power or running water. Mr Gurin said there was no question of Mariupol surrendering. Read more here

21st March 2022


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