Daily Brief - Friday 11th March, 2022


Gopee-Scoon: E-teck Phoenix Park an economic zone space for diversification

A new TT $688 million e-Teck park in Pheonix Park, Savonetta is expected to be the hub for diversification, in an area that has a major port, as the country’s economy recovers from the covid19 pandemic, said Minister of Trade and Industry Paula Gopee-Scoon. On Wednesday she, along with CEO of the TT Chamber of Industry and Commerce Ian De Souza; CEO of the TT Manufacturers’ Association Ramesh Ramdeen and others, toured the site which is being constructed by Beijing Construction Engineering Group (BCEG). Read more here



Linda’s bakery holds its hand on bread prices

One bread and pastry franchise continues to maintain the price on its items amid the rising cost of food and other commodities. Owner of Linda’s Bakery Peter George said its management, after almost six weeks of talks, was able to devise a plan to maintain prices and quality. Read more here

Crisis management, mass fatality expert: Gaps in Paria’s response led to confusion

The confusion that followed the Paria diving tragedy, which claimed four lives, could have been avoided with better crisis communications and treatment of anxious relatives, according to one of the world’s leading crisis management and mass fatality experts Robert A Jensen. The first indication that something went wrong on February 25, on what should have been a routine maintenance dive at one of Paria’s underwater pipelines, was at approximately 3 pm, after the crew saw suction bubbles. The company’s first communication to the public came at 8 53 pm, roughly six hours later that day. Read more here



UNC slams PM over talk of gas price hike

The Opposition UNC condemned the Prime Minister on Thursday for hinting that people could be paying higher gasoline prices in the near future. At a Conversations with the Prime Minister at the Bon Air West Community Centre on Tuesday, Dr Rowley said the current high prices of oil on the world market would not insulate Trinidad and Tobago, as the country has been importing crude oil to refine it for export. Read more here

Minister: Govt pursuing what must be done after talks between US, Venezuela

Government has already been having the necessary discussions and pursuing “what needs to be pursued” to benefit T&T following recent talks between the US and Venezuela. And Energy Minister Stuart Young goes to Washington next week to continue efforts on this Young indicated this at yesterday’s post-Cabinet media briefing. He was commenting on whether there were potential benefits for T&T following the talks which recently occurred between the US and Venezuela, after many years of US sanctions against Venezuela. The reopening of dialogue followed Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the US’s sanction against Russia. Following the US-Venezuela talks last weekend, Venezuela released two jailed US citizens. Read more here



Nanga gets chairman position

As the transformation of the Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) begins, three members of the board of commissioners received their letters of appointment yesterday from Minister of Public Utilities Marvin Gonzales. A statement yesterday from the Ministry of Public Utilities (MPU) said Ravindra Nanga received his letter of appointment, confirming his position as chairman of the board, while Acherson Wells was appointed deputy chairman. Read more here



‘Smart policing’ to be implemented

IN keeping with government’s vision to improve the performance of the Guyana Police Force (GPF), President Dr Irfaan Ali has disclosed plans to develop and implement ‘Smart policing’ systems to improve the accessibility and efficiency of the force. This type of system would allow the strategic implementation of technology in the day-to-day operations of the GPF. President Ali, who made these statements at the opening ceremony of the Police Officers’ Annual Conference on Thursday at the Arthur Chung Conference Centre, said while the Police Force has continued to work to reduce crime systematically, it cannot be “business as usual.” Read more here



Which companies are pulling out of Russia?

Thirty years ago when communism collapsed in the Soviet Union, Western firms stepped up their presence in Russia. The arrival of big Western companies symbolised the start of a new era with Russians becoming eager consumers of brands ranging from fast-food chain McDonalds to Levi jeans and luxury goods. Now, in the wake of President Putin's invasion of Ukraine, a growing number of firms have suspended activities in Russia. So which firms, in which sectors, are exiting and why have others held back? Read more here

11th March 2022


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