About Us

TTMA Careers © was conceptualized in 2015 at the Executive Level of the Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturers' Association (TTMA).

It functions as a virtual connection point for:

  1. All persons in the labour market who are seeking employment in the manufacturing and related sectors.
  2. All employers in the manufacturing sector who are looking for personnel to operate at the factory, semi-skilled, technical and management levels of their organizations.

Job seekers have a unique opportunity to see what job vacancies exist only in the manufacturing (and related) sectors, a notable difference from other online job advertisement facilities.

300X285This facility reflects the TTMA's commitment to find proactive solutions to the labour gaps that exist in Trinidad and Tobago, as the Association engages a multi-pronged approach to bringing our manufacturers up to internationally acceptable labour standards.

The completion of this exciting new project of the TTMA represents the next step in the evolutionary process of the Association's Employee Advertisement Facility (EAF), which allowed its members to have their vacancies posted on the TTMA's website by our Secretariat, for viewing by the general public.

Unlike the EAF, TTMA member companies will now have the flexibility to post limitless amounts of job vacancies themselves. Once a vacancy is posted, it is automatically categorised according to Job Title, Geographic Location and Manufacturing Sub Sector, which makes navigation of the website quite convenient for job seekers.

Manufacturers that are not members of the TTMA and wish to post vacancies can join by clicking here.

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