Trinidad Tissues Limited
Lennox Yearwood Expressway, O'Meara Industrial Estate

Job Details

Handyman/General Maintenance Helper
Household Products
~ 5 years experience

Application deadline

Not specified.

Professional Qualifications Required

 A valid Driver’s Permit EXPERIENCE  A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in civil works or as a Tradesman in the construction industry.  Ability to select suitable tools for tasks assigned.

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

A minimum of three (3) O’Level / CSEC passes including Mathematics and English Language

Job Description

Support the Maintenance team in the general upkeep of the building, facilities and grounds.

Job Details / Responsibilities

  1. Pressure wash all concrete surfaces, driveways, equipment etc.
  2. Paint facility walls, floors, structures.
  3. Provide general plumbing and repairs, which includes but not limited to, toilets, face basin sinks, sewer systems, drain-off systems and cleaning of water tanks.
  4. Provide minor repairs to roof and wall claddings.
  5. Provide general masonry support, which may include but not limited to, casting of plinths, erection of walls, demolition of walls, plastering of walls.
  6. Provide general carpentry, which may include but not limited to, fabrication of crates, repairs to doors and door closures, repairs to suspended ceilings, installation and repair of locks.
  7. Provide general housekeeping, which may include but not limited to, removal of debris within the compound, cleaning of drains, cleaning of equipment, cleaning of perimeter walls both internal and external.
  8. Provide landscaping for the compound, which may include but not limited to, cutting of lawn grass, trimming of shrubs and trees, planting and upkeep of decorative plants.
  9. Complete any documentation as required by the department.
  10. Provide Driving/Courier services when required.
  11. Attend Department or other company meetings as required.
  12. Adhere to, actively promote and ensure compliance with the Company’s Health and Safety Policies.
  13. Report any unsafe acts immediately to your Direct Supervisor; operate in a safe manner, using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) when required.


  1. Perform any other related duties that may be assigned.
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