ParlView – 3Rd Sitting of the Senate (Part 1) – 1st Session

‘Illicit Trade undermines public health, contributes to tax evasion and really creates an unleveled playing field for those businesses that are legitimate.’ – Senator the Honourable, Paula Gopee-Scoon, Minister of Trade and Industry. To hear more of the Minister’s comments on illicit trade, click here.


TTT News Special – AS Brydens on Illicit Trade

‘The biggest issue in Trinidad is the contraband and that is really hampering businesses tremendously which is very hurtful to us all and legitimate businesses are just suffering at the hands of these traders.’ – Mr. Nicholas Hospedales, Director, Premium Beverages, A.S. Brydens & Sons (Trinidad) Ltd.  Watch interview here.


TTT News Special – TTMA on Illicit Trade

‘...we recognize anywhere between a $12-15B TTD tax gap in the illicit trade market which is tax evasion and revenue not being collected by the Government…’ – Ms. Franka Costelloe, TTMA President (2019-2021). See more here.


TTT Live Online – WITCO Discusses The Illicit Tobacco Trade

‘...from an awareness point of view, and that’s what we’ve been focusing on a lot, certainly in the past year or so, and especially through the pandemic because we’ve seen an acceleration of some illicit product in the market, but we’re moving really rapidly with the authorities…’ – Mr. Laurent Meffre, Managing Director, WITCO. To see more of this interview, click here.


TTT News Special – The Illicit Trade in Tobacco

‘Illicit Trade can be defined by different factors however it is best known as tax evasion on products being brought into the country illegally that do not pass regulations, are mislabeled, not brought through the correct channels to be declared taxes and import duties and unregulated goods would be the best way to define illicit products.’ -  Ms. Franka Costelloe, TTMA President (2019-2021). Catch more of this interview here.


CBLA Crime Stoppers and the Caribbean Customs Law Enforcement Council in Support of Trinidad and Tobago’s Authorities Fight Against Illicit Trade

On Monday 29th March 2021, TTMA participated in a training session in collaboration with the Caribbean Bermuda Latin America Crime Stoppers and the Caribbean Law Enforcement Council to provide training to our local Customs and Excise Division to better equip them with knowledge on fighting against illicit trade in the region. The presenters covered the following topics:


  1. Opening Remarks – Alex MacDonald, Chairman, CBLA Crime Stoppers and Albert Sandy, Permanent Secretary, Caribbean Customs and Law Enforcement Council
  2. Contraband as a national security issue – Congressman Robert Pittenger, President of Parliamentary Security – Intelligence Forum, EEUU
  3. Illicit Trade on a National Level – Christian George, Senior Trade Advisor, Trinidad &Tobago Manufacturers’ Association (TTMA)
  4. Illicit Trade in Furniture – Anthony Farah, Deputy Director, MDC-UM
  5. Contraband in Cigarettes – Josiane Khan, Anti-Illicit Trade Manager, TT and Caribbean
  6. Trade Based Money Laundering – Marissa Allum, Certified Money Laundering Specialist, Skylist Ltd
  7. CBLA Crime Stoppers Reporting Platform – Prudence Gentles, Anti-Illicit Trade Project Coordinator – Caribbean, CBLA Crime Stoppers
  8. The Next Steps – Alejo Campos, COO, CBLA Crime Stoppers


To view this training session, click here.

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