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Daily Brief - Monday 27th May, 2024

A social activist and blogger has been permitted to pursue a claim against the Police Commissioner’s failure to provide him with information on how many police units are not required to display their regimental numbers on their uniform while on duty. Read more

27th May 2024

Daily Brief- Friday 24th May, 2024

TT Unified Teachers Association (TTUTA) president Martin Lum Kin believes gang activity may have resulted in a fight at the Palo Secondary School that left five students with stab wounds on Thursday. Lum Kin told Newsday there was an incident in Siparia over the weekend between students from the Palo... Read more

24th May 2024

Daily Brief - Thursday 23rd May, 2024

Four days after she was kidnapped from her El Dorado business place, doubles vendor Anisha Hosein has been released by her captors. A senior police officer told Newsday around 10.30 pm on May 22 that Hosein was found on the road near the Caroni Cremation site. Read more

23rd May 2024

Daily Brief - Wednesday 22nd May, 2024

A recent survey by the World Food Programme (WFP) and Caricom revealed that despite a global decline in food prices, three million people in the region are affected by high local prices and persistent food insecurity. Read more

22nd May 2024

Daily Brief - Tuesday 21st May, 2024

Coordinator of the Child Affairs Division in the Office of the Prime Minister, Irma Bailey-Reyes, says the Children’s Authority has received 10,000 reports of sexual abuse in eight years. The statistics were given during the division’s first of three sensitisation and training sessions with councillors, aldermen, and other representatives at... Read more

21st May 2024

Daily Brief - Monday 20th May, 2024

The police are warning drivers to follow the road rules especially those regarding alcohol and speeding. In a statement on Sunday, the police said there was a troubling trend where police observed an increase in the number of drivers found exceeding the legal alcohol limit. Read more

20th May 2024

Daily Brief - Friday 17th May, 2024

Citizens are beating the heat with unprecedented electricity use with May recording the highest use to date. In a statement on Thursday, the TT Electricity Commission (T&TEC) said it recorded continuous increases in electricity demand over the past two weeks with previous peaks being exceeded on five occasions. Read more

17th May 2024

Daily Brief - Thursday 16th May, 2024

Cigarettes come with significant health risks, regardless of where you get them from. Smoking has proven health effects with association with several non-communicable diseases, including heart failure and cancer. However, being a lifestyle choice set exclusively for adults, consumers are responsible enough to know that they would want their cigarettes... Read more

16th May 2024

Daily Brief - Wednesday 15th May, 2024

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) has implemented emergency measures to combat the effects of a harsh, five-month dry season that is threatening the country's water supply. A WASA statement on Monday said it established a Central Command Centre (CCC) to monitor production and supply 24 hours a day, increased... Read more

15th May 2024

Daily Brief - Monday 13th May, 2024

A man suspected of damaging and setting a car on fire at a family’s home in Penal is expected to be charged over the weekend. The fire spread to the nearby house, partially damaging it. There were no reports of injuries. Read more

13th May 2024

Daily Brief - Friday 10th May, 2024

Four of the 11 people who lost their home in a fire in San Juan on Thursday morning say the first fire truck that came to put out the blaze had no water. When three other trucks with water arrived, the residents say the fire officers changed shift while trying... Read more

10th May 2024

Daily Brief - Thursday 9th May, 2024

Water is a precious resource, needed in everyday life and business operations. However, every year the dry season presents a problem as drier conditions, Sahara dust and high heat affect water levels and rain, thereby limiting water supply. Read more

9th May 2024

Daily Brief - Wednesday 8th May, 2024

The North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) is willing to settle with families whose babies died at the Port of Spain General Hospital's (PoSGH) neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). However, the compensation comes with the caveat that the authority will not accept liability for the deaths. Read more

8th May 2024

Daily Brief - Tuesday 7th May, 2024

A 29-year-old man has been held in connection with the shooting incident on Saturday night in Cocorite, which left four people dead and eight others injured. A senior police source described the man as a person of interest and confirmed he was found at the Piarco International Airport on Sunday night. Read more

7th May 2024

Daily Brief - Monday 6th May, 2024

A bushfire has caused the temporary closure of the Tucker Valley/Macqueripe Road. A statement from the Chaguaramas Development Authority advised the public of the road's closure on May 5. "The Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA) wishes to advise the public that Tucker Valley/Macqueripe Road is temporarily closed until further notice due... Read more

6th May 2024

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