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Job Details

Machine Operator
Construction and Building Materials

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Professional Qualifications Required

Not specified.

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

Not specified.

Job Description

See Job Details below.

Job Details / Responsibilities

·         Load finished product efficiently and effective while ensuring a safe and continuous operating environment.

·         Maintain cleanliness of work area

·         Lifting moderate to heavy workloads on a periodic basis.

·         Operates and monitors manual or electronic production equipment to produce daily orders.

·         Observes panel indicators, gauges, meters, or other instruments to ensure correct operation of machinery

·         Check machine parts and performs minor adjustments as necessary 

·         Performs routine sampling to ensure production meets quality standards. 

·         Performs routine equipment maintenance

·         Follow clearly defined instructions

·         Complete orders on a daily basis as per Production Schedule

·         Ensures that proper information is documented on a daily basis

·         Minimize waste and ensure waste are used where necessary

·         Keep material stacked in a proper manner, labeled for dispatch

·         Keep work area clean at all times

·         Establish and maintain effective working relationships with co-workers, supervisors and the general public.

·         Perform communication duties in an efficient, professional and courteous manner.

·         Maintain regular consistent and professional attendance, punctuality and personal appearance.

·         Adhere to relevant health and safety practices (please see Appendix 1)

·         Pursue personal development of skills and knowledge necessary for the effective performance of the role.

·         Perform any other duties deemed necessary or may be assigned by the Directors and / Managers from time to time

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