National Canners Limited
Churchill Roosevelt Highway

Job Details

Maintenance Welder
Food and Beverage
~ 3 years experience

Application deadline


Professional Qualifications Required

REQUIRED SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS Industrial Craft Certificate in welding or equivalent. At least 3 years experience performing SMAW, MIG, TIG, OAW in a plant environment. Ability to read and interpret drawings and welding symbols. Good vision and hand-eye coordination. Proficiency in using measuring instruments.

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

Not specified.

Job Description

The Maintenance Welder is expected to provide support for all repairs and projects requiring welding and fabrication. The incumbent must be proficient in welding a variety of metals and must demonstrate competence in setting up and operating welding and fabricating equipment. The Maintenance Welder must ensure that all repairs and projects are done in a cost effective manner with minimal wastage of materials. The position is expected to provide technical support to junior members and work efficiently with a team as well as independently.

Job Details / Responsibilities


Respond to all engineering requests requiring welding and fabrication and ensure all machine repairs are conducted with minimal downtime.

Employ various fabricating techniques (e.g. cutting, bending, straightening, preheating, grinding), jig design to shape and form metal and other materials.

Use a variety of measuring instruments (e.g. squares, rulers, measuring tapes), hand tools and equipment in the fabrication process to ensure accuracy and good workmanship.

Employ a variety of welding and hot work processes for different materials e.g. SMAW, MIG, TIG, OAW, plastic welding, brazing, plasma cutting, heat treatment using acetylene torch.

Weld components in flat, vertical and overhead positions.

Ensure good quality welds avoiding defects such as burn through, poor fusion, porosity, cracking, poor penetration, slag inclusion.

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