ABEL Building Solutions
Maingot Street, Mt. Hope

Job Details

AC Technician (Class B/C) - CONTRACT
Mount Lambert
Construction and Building Materials
~ 1 years experience

Application deadline


Professional Qualifications Required

• Secondary School (5 CXC Passes, including Maths and English) • Training as evidenced by a Valid Certification (passing grade) from a recognized institution or equivalent combination of experience and training • Possess all tools required under the Trainee Tools Schedule • Detail oriented and possess the ability to complete assignments in a timely manner.

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

• Knowledge of all components of the basic refrigeration cycle. • General knowledge of the company’s products. • Competent with electrical wiring and plumbing • Familiar with all tools of the air conditioning trade and basic safety procedures. • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work • Maintain mental capacity which allows for effective interaction and communication with others. • Maintain physical condition appropriate to the performance of assigned duties and responsibilities. • Maintain effective audio-visual discrimination and perception to the degree necessary for the successful performance of assigned duties • Full proficiency of the English Language

Job Description

The HVAC Technician performs skilled work in the repairs, maintenance and installation of ventilating and air conditioning equipment and systems.

Job Details / Responsibilities


  • 1 (Daily) - AC Troubleshooting support 1 – 20 ton and AC Servicing
  • 2 (Weekly/Monhtly) - Job Ticket Completion
  • 3 (Daily) - Communication with Admin and Other technicians
  • 4 (Daily) - Proactively Arranging tools and parts in anticipation of assignments


  • Assists with the installation, service, troubleshooting and repairs to air conditioning systems.
  • Use basic AC technician tools to work with a senior technician to repair, install and service AC systems
  • Demonstrate and apply the knowledge of superheat, sub-cooling and wiring diagrams in the troubleshooting and repairs of air conditioning systems.
  • Work along senior counterpart to plan, secure parts, material and produce documentation prior to job execution
  • Anticipate senior technician needs with respect the execution and completion of jobs
  • Demonstrate and apply the knowledge of how to use various measuring and testing instruments.
  • Performs brazing, soldering, pipefitting as is relate to the installation of AC systems.
  • Accurately complete job tickets and requisitions parts when required in a timely manner.
  • In addition to such duties and responsibilities, you shall be required from time to time to perform other related activities as may be determined by your direct supervisor and adhere to such rules and regulations as Management may from time to time make and communicate to you.
  • Report issues timely to Supervisor
  • Complete reporting forms/templates as required and submit to Supervisor.


Analytical Thinking

Adopts a whole systems perspective, assessing and balancing vast amounts of diverse information, identifies multiple relationships and disconnects processes in order to identify options and reach conclusions.

Business Perspective

Continuously develops ideas for positioning the organization for long-term success by appropriately trading off short-term costs/disadvantages for long-term revenues/gains.

Critical Judgment

Makes judgment-based recommendations that have wide-ranging impacts on the Company’s portfolio.

Interactive Communication

Uses varied communication vehicles and opportunities to promote dialogue and develop shared understanding and consensus.

Change Leadership - Initiates and/or manages the change process and energizes it on an ongoing basis, taking steps to remove barriers or accelerate its pace.

Strategic Perspective
Emphasizes the broader, longer term vision and values of the organization as a means of guiding decisions and actions.

Planning & Organizing

Ensures that programs are monitored to track progress and optimal resource utilization, and that adjustments are made as needed.


Creates an environment where there is a consistent push for improved performance and productivity.

Coaching - Works to improve and reinforce performance of others. Facilitates their skill development by providing clear, behaviourally specific performance feedback, and making or eliciting specific suggestions for improvement in a manner that builds confidence and maintains self-esteem.

Critical Thinking - The ability to break a situation down into smaller pieces to identify its key or underlying issues.

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