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Job Details

Laboratory Supervisor
Household Products
~ 3 years experience

Application deadline

Not specified.

Professional Qualifications Required

Education • Bachelor’s degree in a Science related field. • Certification in Quality Assurance Systems. Experience • At least three (3) years’ experience in a laboratory environment. • Working knowledge of Laboratory best practice. • Experience research and development is an asset. • Knowledge of Good Manufacturing Practice would be an asset.

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

• Proficiency in MS Excel, Word, Power Point, Outlook, and Intranet. • Excellent analytical abilities, problem solving, reporting. • Strong interpersonal communication with internal and external stakeholders. • Excellent teambuilding skills; ability to work collaboratively with others in the pursuit of common goals and objectives.

Job Description

The Laboratory Supervisor is responsible for planning, directing and managing all the department’s activities to meet the quality control objectives of the company.

Job Details / Responsibilities

Key Outputs/Deliverables:

• Develop and manage effective relationships with other internal departments.
• Participate in cross-functional and /or multifunctional teams.
• Ensure compliance of goods manufactured to quality control protocol.


  1. Ensuring all Laboratory and QC functions and reporting are completed accurately and in a timely manner.

  2. Oversee all Research & Development as it relates to new projects and products.

  3. Ensure all finished goods for sale are manufactured to quality control standards as directed by the company.

  4. Approval of all artwork and raw material specifications from suppliers.

  5. Ensure conformity of all inputs to quality control standards.

  6. Preparation and maintenance of all MSDS & PDS logs.

  7. Routine reconciliation of the formulation of MYOB.

  8. Ensure training and development for QC staff.

  9. Implement, monitor and enforce quality control standards and design tracking systems to ensure quality control standards are being achieved.

  10. Responsible for the immediate response to spill reports/calls.  

  11. Conduct Performance Evaluation.

  12. Adhere to all the company’s Health, Safety and Environmental, Policies and Procedures.

  13. Carry out all instructions given by the Superior or designate in a safe and efficient manner.

  14. Observe and adhere to all rules and regulations of the company.

  15. Any other job related duties as assigned by the General Manager or designate.


Performance Standards

*To be included when KPI’s are completed

  • Timely departmental and exceptional reporting to upper management.

  • Level of consistency, reliability and timeliness of deliverables.

  • Successful achievement of KPI’s as set by the General Manager.

Key Contacts


Who                                                                How Often

  • General Manager                              Daily

  • Production Manager                         Daily

  • Accountant                                         As required


Who                                                                How Often

  • Suppliers                                            As required

  • Customers                                          As required


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