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Job Details

Driver/Assistant Technician/ Crane Operator
Other Services
~ 3 years experience

Application deadline

Not specified.

Professional Qualifications Required

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS 1. The holder of a valid Trinidad and Tobago driver’s license; 2. Driver Permit/Heavy T License 3. Certificate in Defensive Driving. 4. Crane Operator’s License. 5. Minimum of three (3) GCE or CXC O’ Level passes including Mathematics and English. 6. Minimum of three years’ experience in a similar capacity.

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLLS AND ABILITIES: • Ability to communicate clearly and concisely both orally and in writing. • Innovative, flexible, results oriented and professional in conduct. • Strong time-management, prioritizing and communicative skills; • Sound knowledge of the country’s cities, towns and streets.

Job Description

The Driver/Technical Assistant is responsible for transporting the technical team and the relevant equipment to assigned job sites. As well as operating the crane when assigned.

Job Details / Responsibilities



1.      Transport equipment and assist with the loading and unloading of equipment for the event

2.      Transport AV Team from warehouse to the event site and pick up team to return to warehouse

3.      Secure cargo for transport, using ropes or covers

4.      Report vehicle defects, accidents, traffic violations, or damage to the vehicles and equipment while transporting to the Fleet Manager

5.      Assist with the setting up and breaking down of equipment at event site

6.      Follow appropriate safety procedures for transporting equipment.

7.      Provide transport when required

8.      Ensure that vehicle is filled with fuel at our approved dealer Unipet. In order to

fill you must present your Petro Card which would be given to you by the office

9.      Return vehicle to warehouse and ensure it is properly secured

10.  Ensure that all equipment has been off loaded upon return to the warehouse

11.  Conduct routine inspection of the vehicle prior to job to ensure oil,tyres,water etc is topped up

12.  Practice OSHA safety policies and procedures at all times to ensure the safety of yourself and the personnel and equipment you are responsible for



The Crane Operator will be required to:


 1.  Inspect crane for safety issues.

 2.  Conduct inspection of crane mechanism and lifting components to ensure parts are in 

      working order.

3.   Inspect cables and grappling assembly to identify wear in order to facilitate replacement.

4.   Drive truck to worksites and load / unload machinery or material from truck / worksites

5.   Start crane engine during work operations and turn it off after use.

6.  Lift levers, push buttons and ensure the safe conveyance of materials and equipment at


7.   Manipulate or depress crane controls to regulate speed and direction of crane/hoist movement 

8.   Operate crane in compliance with safe crane operational procedures.

9.   Work within set standards of accuracy and precision.

10.  Provide report of work operations by completing relevant documents.

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