Balroop's Sound Systems Limited
Corner Crown Street Eastern Main Road

Job Details

Junior Information Technology Technician
Information and Communication Technology
~ 3 years experience

Application deadline

Not specified.

Professional Qualifications Required

1. Certificate/Diploma/Degree of Information Technology or equivalent 2. Minimum of five (5) GCE or CXC O’ Level passes including Mathematics and English. 3. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills. 4. Three (3) years experience in a similar capacity

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

Not specified.

Job Description

The IT technician reports to the Chief Executive Officer and Technical Operations Manager and is responsible for the planning, installation and performance of computer systems and technology. It is the IT Technician's responsibility to have the technical knowledge of computer and web networks and programs and strong problem solving abilities.

Job Details / Responsibilities



The IT technician would be required to:


1.    Install new software and hardware

2.    Secure the security code to ensure the safe set up of the environment.

3.      The setting up of equipments to ensure that systems are ready for the use of operation correctly.

4.      Deliver hardware resources to work areas as required.


  1. Assist in creating a structured approach to rolling out new hardware or software, including procurement, testing and assessing the needs within the organisation.



  1. Perform basic diagnostic routines.
  2. Work to and give guidance to others on the IT acceptable use policy.
  3. Perform checks to ensure that broadband connectivity is maintained.



  1. Develop a maintenance schedule for all computer hardware, software and networks, and ensure that it is followed.
  2. Support the implementation of MIS solutions as required.
  3. Detect, diagnose and resolve most PC, printer and peripheral device faults.
  4. Maintain electronic mail accounts and implement where appropriate.
  5. Assist in planning and implementing changes to elements of the ICT service as required.
  6. Take overall responsibility for the promotion and observance of a safe working environment in the specialist work area including risk assessments, review of safety procedures and distribution of safety information for all personnel using specialist work areas – including cleaners, where appropriate.
  7. Ensure routine safety checks, including electrical tests, are carried out and appropriate records maintained.
  8.  Ensure the safe disposal of obsolete equipment, used consumables and waste materials in line with recognised procedures and legal requirements.



  1. Maintain an up to date inventory of IT software and licenses in the office and within the technical staff equipments.


  1. To keep abreast of current hardware and software developments and provide advice on the best product for a given task.


  1. To work flexibly and undertake other duties of an equivalent nature that may be required by the head of the department from time to time.


To work with management in solving issues. 

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