Daily Brief - Wednesday 1st March, 2017


Bring Asami’s killer to justice

One year after former Japanese pannist Asami Nagakiya was murdered in Port-of-Spain, Japanese DJ Selector Hemo is calling on the police here to ensure her killer is brought to justice. Nagakiya’s body was found under a tree at the Queen’s Park Savannah on Ash Wednesday last year. No one has been charged with her murder. As citizens and visitors alike participated in this year’s Carnival celebrations on Monday and yesterday, Hemo, whose real name is Tomoko Inoue, made yet another call for justice over her close friend’s murder. “She was my friend and a member of my Yosakoi team and had always joined my events relating T&T,” Inoue, here for yet another Carnival season, said in an interview with the T&T Guardian. Read more here

Stench leads to bodies of mom, daughter

The decomposing bodies of a mother and her daughter were found in their home in Siparia on Monday. Police believe Sylvestine “Baby” Bernard, 87, and her daughter Cathy Ann Bernard, 51, were chopped multiple times during a home invasion last Thursday night. Their killings were recorded as the fifth double murder for the year and took the murder toll to 88. Residents said they expe­rienced a stench over the weekend, but were in shock and disbelief when this led to the bodies of their beloved neighbours. Read more here



Mayor unhappy over late bands

San Fernando Carnival bandleaders are being criticised by a disappointed San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello for their late arrival on the parade routes. He said they should be more mindful of time when parading before the judges. Speaking with the Express yesterday, Regrello said the Parade of the Bands was supposed to start at 9 a.m. However, the first band made its way across the stage almost two hours later. Regrello said he was disappointed by this and urged bands to do better next year. Read more here



Derek Chin eyeing former airport for MovieTowne

The St Vincent and the Grenadines government is urging local investors to take advantage of the opportunities at the site of the decommissioned ET Joshua Airport and denied reports that it had already sold lands in the area to investors. Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, speaking on a radio programme here, said so far only Trinidadian Derek Chin, chairman of MovieTowne, has expressed interest in the site. “And I’m hoping that as a consequence of this conversation that interested local investors would come,” he told radio listeners. Read more here



Bahamas PM flips the bird

Hundreds of Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) supporters, including children and senior citizens, gasped in amazement late Monday night as Bahamas Prime Minister Perry Christie flipped the bird while explaining his response to what he called a “distorted” claim. Though he gave few details on exactly what he was referring to, a seemingly upset Christie showed the energetic crowd a quick flash of his middle finger as he explained how he responded to an allegation he had heard early Monday. “We are now entering the period in our national life where all sorts of things will be said,” said Christie while speaking at a branch meeting in Fox Hill. “When I was getting up this morning, they showed me an account of a lunatic who was saying I should deny I own this condominium. Read more here

New Prison Rules - Correctional Officers To Take Polygraph Tests, Scanning Machines To Be Installed

State Minister for National Security Pearnel Charles Jr has declared it "time to draw a line in the sand" as the Government yesterday revealed several new measures aimed at putting a stop to the smuggling of contraband into Jamaica's correctional facilities. The measures, including the polygraphing of all recruits and correctional officers, are also aimed at addressing ongoing claims that music illegally recorded behind bars has been making its way on to the national airwaves. "We have to respect the public's concerns, protect our citizens and secure the reputation of the honest, hard-working correctional officers in the system," Charles said in a statement following an eruption of controversy, over the past week, around the recording of music by prisoners. Read more here



French election: Francois Fillon faces charges

French centre-right presidential candidate Francois Fillon has said he will fight on, as he announced that a judge was placing him under formal investigation. For weeks, he has fought allegations that his wife was paid for years for work she did not do. "It's a political assassination," Mr Fillon told reporters on Wednesday. He has now been summoned to appear before the judge, Serge Tournaire, on 15 March. In a combative speech on Wednesday announcing the formal investigation, Mr Fillon called on his supporters to "resist", saying it was up to voters to decide his fate. Read more here

Trump speaks to Congress: CNN's Reality Check Team vets the claims

President Donald Trump on Tuesday addressed a joint session of Congress to outline his legislative agenda, and CNN's Reality Check Team was there to vet his claims. The team of reporters, researchers and editors across CNN listened throughout the speech and analyzed key statements, rating them true, mostly true, true but misleading, or false. Read more here


1st March 2017


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