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Daily Brief - Wednesday 7th March, 2018

State-owned oil company Petrotrin has once again activated its oil spill response system after a spill was found at its controversial Catshill oilfield in Moruga yesterday. In a media release, Petrotrin said its operations, health, safety and environment (HSE) as well as its security personnel were sent to the field. Read more

7th March 2018

Daily Brief - Tuesday 6th March,2018

Young people continued to shine yesterday as they showcased their talents in the final leg of the preliminaries of the 32nd Biennial Music Festival at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando. Sweet singing and solid instrumental sounds from both the tenor and double tenor pans, as well as from the recorder,... Read more

6th March 2018

Daily Brief - Wednesday 28th February, 2018

Christian Houston died a hero, losing his life as he tried to save the life of his cousin. Now, his grief stricken mother walks the shoreline between Los Iros and Sobo beaches every day, searching for his body. Read more

28th February 2018

Daily Brief - Tuesday 27th February, 2018

President of the La Brea Fisherfolks Alvin La Borde is claiming sabotage after several species of dead fish and two decomposing pelicans, washed ashore at Carat Shed Beach in La Brea yesterday. La Borde linked the fish kill with proposals to develop a ship yard and transshipment port from La... Read more

27th February 2018

Daily Brief - Monday 26th February, 2018

With a Government mandate to split the company into two distinct divisions and do away with the current superstructure management, Petrotrin is moving rigorously to stem annual losses which have been put at $800 million. This was revealed yesterday by Petrotrin chairman Wilfred Espinet who said that expenses which Petrotrin... Read more

26th February 2018

Daily Brief - Friday 22nd February, 2018

Almost a century ago, the ancestors of the currents students of the Flanagin Town RC School were moved into a nearby church when their school building was destroyed by fire. It was supposed to be a temporary measure but yesterday, parents of the school staged a protest as they called... Read more

23rd February 2018

Daily Brief - Thursday 22nd February, 2018

Despite new drilling programmes expected to come on stream this year, several local energy service sector companies are not optimistic about the future as there is a decrease in demand for their services. The grim outlook was contained in the February 2018 edition of the Energy Chamber’s newsletter in an... Read more

22nd February 2018

Daily Brief- Wednesday 21st February 2018

A PREGNANT teacher of Ste Madeleine Secondary school had to call in police yesterday to rescue her from irate parents, one of whom was armed with a piece of wood and who threatened to beat her. Read more

21st February 2018

Daily Brief - Tuesday 20th February, 2018

The man who had been detained in relation to the stabbing death of teenager Reshard Singh on Carnival Monday has been released from police custody. According to a release from the TTPS, deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Joan Honore-Paul, on Sunday, ordered a coroner’s inquest into Singh’s death. Read more

20th February 2018

Daily Brief - Monday 19th February, 2018

Residents living near two funeral homes and crematoriums in San Fernando are not fearful of health concerns relating to cremation of bodies in the facilities. Several residents told Newsday that they are not worried in any way about the cremations. Read more

19th February 2018

Daily Brief - Friday 16th February, 2018

Yesterday was her son’s 12th birthday, but it was a sad day for Pete-Ann Bartholomew, because of the news that her husband’s body had been found floating five miles off Cedros. Chevonne Bartholomew was an employee of Trindive Underwater Services and was inspecting an oil tanker in Chaguaramas when he... Read more

16th February 2018

Daily Brief - Thursday 15th February, 2018

Sitting in the living room of his humble home in La Canoa, Santa Cruz, 15-year-old Ajay Aberdeen might seem like your typical teenager, but he has a deep sense of purpose and a tireless work ethic which separates him from his peers. Read more

15th February 2018

Daily Brief - Wednesday 14th February, 2018

Firemen from Chaguanas Fire Station are investigating the cause of a bush fire in Carlsen Field on Monday afternoon in which six Public Transportation Service Commission (PTSC) buses were burnt. Read more here Read more

14th February 2018

Daily Brief - Friday 9th February, 2018

Three years ago, fisherman Edmund Charles survived an 18-hour ordeal at sea with only a plastic bucket to keep him and another man afloat after they had been thrown overboard by pirates off the coast of Moruga. Read more

9th February 2018

Daily Brief - Thursday 8th February, 2018

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has appealed to both parents and children for students to attend school on Ash Wednesday and to stop the perennial problem of poor attendance. “Ash Wednesday is a normal school day.” He said they encouraged students to enjoy themselves and to actively participate in every aspect... Read more

8th February 2018

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