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Daily Brief - Thursday 22nd June, 2017

A full term pregnant woman, trapped by rising flood waters, was yesterday rescued by a Guardian Media team and residents of St Helena Village, after waiting for over two hours in vain for help from the Regiment and the Office of the Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM). Read more

22nd June 2017

Daily Brief - Wednesday 21st June, 2017

The TT Manufacturers Association (TTMA) says it will continue to search for a source of foreign exchange to ensure the survival of the manufacturing sector, despite statements by Central Bank Governor Dr Alvin Hilaire that the bank cannot direct the commercial banks to which it disburses foreign exchange as to... Read more

21st June 2017

Daily Brief - Friday 16th June, 2017

Gunmen shot and killed a man and a woman in a car outside a restaurant in Marabella on Thursday. The shooting happened at around 7p.m. less that a minute's drive from the Marabella Police Station. The killers escaped. Read more

16th June 2017

Daily Brief - Wednesday 14th June, 2017

Police officers gave a stern warning to a young mother who abandoned her one-year-old daughter and left her with a complete stranger along the Brian Lara Promenade in Port of Spain, so she could collect money and purchase a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) at a nearby fast food outlet. Read more

14th June 2017

Daily Brief - Tuesday 13th June, 2017

Well-known Roman Catholic priest Fr Clyde Harvey yesterday came face to face with three bandits outside a church, who threatened to kill him if he did not hand over cash and other valuables. The incident took place shortly after 5 am at the St Martin de Porres RC Church compound... Read more

13th June 2017

Daily Brief - Monday 12th June, 2017

Police officers are calling on the Commissioner of Police to provide them with non-lethal means to subdue unarmed suspects, and called for better training in handling mentally ill patients. Their call comes in light of recent shootings of mentally ill people which occurred this year. Read more

12th June 2017

Daily Brief - Friday 9th June, 2017

A retired police officer who was convicted of raping a 27-year-old netball player in 2010, has been sentenced to 17 years’ imprisonment with hard labour by a High Court judge. Andy Allan, 63, of Chaguanas was before Justice Hayden St Clair-Douglas in the Port of Spain Third Criminal Court, charged... Read more

9th June 2017

Daily Brief - Thursday 8th June, 2017

Over 400 students are on suicide watch across primary and secondary schools, coordinator of the clinical psychology masters programme at the University of the West Indies, St Augustine campus Dr Katija Khan says. The youngest, she added, is just seven years old. Read more

8th June 2017

Daily Brief- Wednesday 7th June 2017

OTHING stands in the way of President Anthony Carmona swearing in two new judges to the High Court.In a unanimous decision yesterday, Justices of Appeal Allan Mendonca, Nolan Bereaux and Peter Rajkumar said they were satisfied the Judicial and Legal Services Commission (JLSC) was properly constituted. Read more

7th June 2017

Daily Brief - Monday 5th June, 2017

A ten-year-old primary school pupil of Port of Spain, accompanied by her 26-yearold mother, reported to officers of the St James Police Station on Saturday that the child was raped during an Easter church service in April. Read more

5th June 2017

Daily Brief - Friday 2nd June, 2017

Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Roger Gaspard, SC, says before he can exercise his powers under Section 90 of the Constitution as it relates to 53 cases now in abeyance by the elevation and subsequent resignation of former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar, he needs to know her status. Read more

2nd June 2017

Daily Brief - Thursday 1st June, 2017

A shootout which took place at a Sports and Family Day at the Bon Air recreation ground on the Indian Arrival Day public holiday has left one man dead and a senior policeman warded at hospital with a gunshot injury to his leg. Read more

1st June 2017

Daily Brief - Wednesday 31st May, 2017

One senior attorney who attended the specially-convened ‘summit’ which determined that the 53 cases left unresolved by former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar be restarted “de novo,” says no such decision was made. According to Senior Counsel Sophia Chote in a letter to Law Association president Douglas Mendes,SC, no decision was... Read more

31st May 2017

Daily Brief - Monday 29th May, 2017

An abusive relationship ended in murder on the weekend as Guyanese-born grandmother Enid Rosaline Periana, 62, was chopped to death inside the man’s apartment in Madras Road, St Helena. Police believe Periana was hacked to death Friday night although the gruesome discovery of her body was made the following day... Read more

29th May 2017

Daily Brief - Friday 26th May, 2017

All 53 preliminary inquiries left unresolved by former chief magistrate Marcia Ayers-Caesar will restart from the beginning. And already there is discontent over this decision. A brief statement from the Judiciary’s Court Protocol and Information Manager Alicia Carter-Fisher yesterday said “consensus” was reached at a meeting on Wednesday between key... Read more

26th May 2017

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