Eco-Industrial Development Company of Tobago (E-IDCOT) Ltd
Cove Eco-Industrial and Business Park , Canoe Bay Rd
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Job Details

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Lowlands (Tobago)
Other Services
~ 7 years experience

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Professional Qualifications Required

•Master’s Degree or equivalent in Business Administration, Economics or Finance •Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent in Civil Engineering or Real Estate Management or Business Administration or Finance •Seven (7) years Senior / Executive Management Experience • Expertise in real estate management, economics, marketing, investor sourcing, construction/project management,

Technical / Vocational Skills Required

Not specified.

Job Description

The Tobago House of Assembly (THA) has developed an Eco-Industrial and Business Park at the former Cove Estate, as part of its strategy to diversify the Tobago economy. The Park, which sits on 140 acres and is managed by EIDCOT, was designed and being developed and branded in consonance with the theme clean, green, safe and serene. Over the next 3-5 years, the focus will be on establishing and developing the following sectors on the Park: Agro-processing, Information Technology and Related Industries, Light Manufacturing, Renewable (Clean/Downstream) Energy, Creative Industries and Food & Beverage. In addition, E-IDCOT provides construction/project management services for construction projects in Tobago.

Job Details / Responsibilities

The Chief Executive Officer has the following responsibilities:

Main Duties and Responsibilities

- Provides exemplary leadership that subscribes to the values and policies of the Company.

-  Assists policy makers to enhance the overall value propositions of the Cove Tobago Business Park and Tobago and strategically promotes the Park and Tobago.

- Prepares the company’s strategic business plan to fulfil its vision as the premier Eco-Industrial Business Park in Trinidad and Tobago.

-  Develops and nurtures relationships with pertinent state/regulatory agencies to ensure timely and professional support is provided to tenants and Company e.g. granting of licenses, approvals etc.

- Sources tenants/investors, processes tenancy applications, onboards selected tenants and manages tenant relationships.

- Oversees design, supplier procurement process and execution of construction projects at the Cove and for external clients in Tobago.

- Meets with Clients and submits  project status reports on a regular basis to ensure that established timelines for deliverables are adhered to.

- Develops and implements operational systems, policies, procedures and functional units considered necessary to support the achievement of the company’s operational and strategic objectives.

-Provides direction, structure and support to each operating unit such as Finance &Administration, Human Resource Management, Park Management, Marketing, Project Management, HSSE, etc.

- Troubleshoots and resolves issues within E-IDCOT’s control that would have a direct impact on the achievement of any target or objective.

-  Is the “face” of E-IDCOT and the Cove Tobago on all public issues.

-  Ensures that decisions of the Board are effectively executed in a timely manner.

- Submits recommendations and provides regular feedback/reports to the Board of Directors and Board Committees to achieve the company’s goals and objectives. 

-  Performs any other related duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.

How to Apply

Application along with Curriculum Vitae should be submitted no later that 24 July, 2020 to:

The Company Secretary

Eco-Industrial Development Company of Tobago (E-IDCOT) Ltd

First Floor, Isaac T. McLeod Building

Cove Tobago Eco-Industrial and Business Park

Canoe Bay Road

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